About ELMA "Licentia Poetica":

The album is the perfect mix of individuals with their distinctive ways of playing, coming together to create something magical, ethereal, atmospheric, and glorious in its concept and delivery. The intensity of the listening, the reacting, and the blending of these unique individuals into a cohesive whole is palpable – and potentially as fulfilling to the listeners as it must be to the players. This album is primal, mysterious, and an absolute joy. Listening to this, it feels like you are part of it, at one with the music because elements of it speak to us all. 

Sammy Stein, The Free Jazz Collective / Free Jazz Blog

About ELMA "Licentia Poetica":

"This is a shockingly beautiful, uplifting musical experience, which happens extremely rarely. As pompous as this might sound, this is probably the most perfect Polish Jazz vocal album of all times, a creation of unprecedented courage, inventiveness and free-spirited exploration."

Adam Baruch, The Soundtrack of My Life

"Considering the fact that Elma practically reinvents the approach to vocal improvisation, throwing away all pre-conceptions and limitations, she is able to cross into uncharted territory."

Adam Baruch, The Soundtrack of My Life

About ELMA "Licentia Poetica":

"There is no doubt that this album is completely unique, as far as vocal Jazz is concerned, and Elma’s talent shines ever so brightly, fulfilling gracefully all the great hopes she stirred with her earlier albums."

Adam Baruch, The Soundtrack of My Life

About ELMA "Licentia Poetica" :

"... The music drew me in and hypnotized me immediately. Everything here harmonizes and connects perfectly. Outstanding music and a wonderful accompanying setting."

Krzysztof Komorek, Jazz Valley


"Stellar vocalist"

Howard Mandel, President of the Jazz Journalists Association

"ELMA is great - for me she is becoming the most significant free vocalist in this area in the world."

Maciej Lewenstein "Polish Jazz Recordings and Beyond", II edition, p. 511

About ELMA "Ad Rem":

Cool, contemplative, minimal, dreamlike - the music invites its listeners to journey into their inner self.


ELMA is unique.... She is currently making waves on the Polish Jazz scene with her vocal Jazz that is a textless flow of sound.
So is this Jazz, World Music, Classical, or a mix of all? Listen and Discover.


About ELMA "Ad Rem":

"The importance of this music is twofold; firstly it is breathtakingly beautiful, emotionally intense and aesthetically stunning, and secondly it is intellectually courageous and fascinating. Elma is not regressing to the 1970s to create more of the same vocal Improvised Music created then, but takes the tradition right up to date, moving forward and updating the concept, adapting it to contemporary Jazz language, sound and vision. Her vocalese and other tricks of the trade, most of which she invented herself or expanded from earlier examples, is a completely new language in itself, which enables her to go where nobody went before; an extremely rare quality these days."

Adam Baruch, The Soundtrack of My Life / Polish Jazz


About ELMA "Ad Rem":

"This is indisputably one of the most important albums released on the Polish Jazz scene in the last decade and as far as vocal Jazz is concerned, also on a world scale. There is no other vocal Improvised Music of this intensity and innovative authority anywhere else at the moment, which makes this album simply a one of its kind. To say the truth, this album should be studied by every vocalist in the world, Jazz and otherwise, just to make them aware of what the human voice (and mind) is capable of."

Adam Baruch, The Soundtrack of My Life / Polish Jazz

About ELMA "Hic Et Nunc":

"ELMA composes and sings without lyrics in a way incomparable to anything I have heard before.
 Sensational debut recording!!!"



Maciej Lewenstein, "Polish Jazz Recordings and Beyond"

"ELMA - sensational discovery of the Polish jazz vocal scene"

Adam Baruch, Singer Jazz Festival

"One of the greatest discoveries in Polish jazz AD 2014 "

Mateusz Magierowski, JazzPRESS

" 'Hic Et Nunc' by ELMA - …the most intriguing vocal album of not only the last year"

Maciej Karłowski, Jazzarium
"I have no doubt that „Hic Et Nunc” by mysterious ELMA is one of the most 
important debuts in Polish vocal jazz in recent years."
Tomasz Łuczak, Polish-Jazz

"ELMA - one of the most interesting new voices on the jazz scene"

"... ELMA's voice becomes an instrument. It carries purity. It is unshaken and movable. It is piercing at moments, and at times it is almost childlike naive, in the best sense of this word. And at the same time it is not entangled into the corset of the text or the ravel of meanings, thus it brings an unusual power of stimulating imagination! …

... When listening to ‘HIC ET NUNC’ we are truly participating in very exceptional experience of ‘here and now’, witnessing something that may never happen again... Four musicians who managed to play only the really important sounds. The quartet with no leader and no drums, however, full of motion and rhythm, where music is born as naturally as breath and it rolls with its own speed, giving no heed to the rushing world…"

Maciej Karłowski, Jazzarium