ELMA "Hic Et Nunc" (iMp 2014).

New Album release on 8th September 2014!

ELMA - voice
MACIEJ GARBOWSKI - double bass

"Hic Et Nunc" presents eleven original compositions by ELMA, Garbowski and Pohjola. The music is colourful, varied from brisk, energetic dialogues to atmospheric, contemplative stories. 

ELMA "Hic Et Nunc" - Trailer
"... ELMA's voice becomes an instrument. It carries purity. It is unshaken and movable. It is piercing at moments, and at times it is almost childlike naive, in the best sense of this word. And at the same time it is not entangled into the corset of the text or the ravel of meanings, thus it brings an unusual power of stimulating imagination! …

... When listening to ‘HIC ET NUNC’ we are truly participating in very exceptional experience of ‘here and now’, witnessing something that may never happen again... Four musicians who managed to play only the really important sounds. The quartet with no leader and no drums, however, full of motion and rhythm, where music is born as naturally as breath and it rolls with its own speed, giving no heed to the rushing world…"

Maciej Karłowski, Jazzarium