ELMA Quartet

  • ELMA (Elma Kais) - voice
  • VERNERI POHJOLA - trumpet
  • DOMINIK WANIA - piano
  • MACIEJ GARBOWSKI - double bass
  • ELMA Quartet | ELMA - śpiew

    ELMA - one of the most interesting new voices on the jazz scene.


  • ELMA Quartet | Verneri Pohloja - trąbka

    Verneri Pohjola has got what it takes to become an international jazz star.


  • ELMA Quartet | Dominik Wania - fortepian

    Dominik Wania is a pearl of young musicians of the improvising scene; those who are the most talented, the best educated, the most promising and the most desirable.


  • ELMA Quartet | Maciej Garbowski - kontrabas

    Maciej Garbowski has developed a unique sensitivity and musical aesthetics, where his elegant and deeply expressive bass playing plays a leading role in musical formations he takes a part in.

    /Anders Jormin/